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The Armpit Detox! (Yes this is a thing)

Since it's still February and we're still on the topic of "purification" and detoxing, let's talk about detoxing our pits and skin.  Yes, detoxing pits is absolutely a thing.  Some of you may already have heard about it but have no idea why or where to start.

You may have attempted to transition from a conventional deodorant to a natural one and did not "successfully" switch over - something about natural deodorant stopped working.  Here's the truth, transition period may be around 4-6 weeks AND it will take a few days up to a week before the aluminum crashes out from your pores, which is around the time when the natural deodorant "stops working."

"Should I detox my arm pits before switching to a natural deodorant?" 

This question, or some form of it, is ask at almost every show, market, or pop up event we attend.  And as with many things in life the answer isn't black and white, it usually just depends. 

But by examining the three scenarios below, hopefully we can shed some light and guidance that might be helpful for you. After that, we'll walk you through our recommended detox method.  


Scenario 1: 

You currently use traditional antiperspirant and will be switching to a natural deodorant.  In this scenario, you should really consider performing an armpit detox. Aluminum salts present in antiperspirants react with body oils and sweat to clog your pores, thus preventing you from sweating.  The aluminum salts can persist in your pores for several days to almost two weeks depending on the brand and your skin type.

This does two things.  One, it has locked in many nasty chemicals on you skin like phthalates, propylene glycol, formaldehydes, parabens, etc.  Two, it will make your conversion to a natural deodorant confusing.  The first week or two might not be bad at all, and you notice very little sweating.  Just keep in mind that every body is different, so this timing and length of period may vary compared to what you actually experience.

No matter the length of time, the aluminum salts will finally wash off, and you notice the great deluge.  It won't be pleasant, and you'll wonder if the natural deodorant stopped working.  No, its just the excess salt, bacteria, and oil finally coming out after the aluminum is gone. 

Scenario 2: 

You currently use traditional deodorants and will be switching to a natural deodorant.  In this case, you can probably get by just fine with out doing any detox however you'll want to do it anyway.  This is because detoxing will help you get rid of aluminum and other toxins/impurities as soon as possible.  Of course every person smells and sweats differently, so if you have the time and patience to detox, this will make the switch easier and more pleasant.  Otherwise, be patient with your new natural deodorant as it might take 4-6 weeks for your body to adapt to the new deodorant.

Scenario 3: 

You are currently using a natural deodorant, but it doesn't seem to be working for you.  Been there, done that a few times. My husband switched brands several times.  Every time he thought the deodorant worked, I would tell him that he really reeked while watching some TV and snuggling on the couch (he really needed those showers after being super sweaty from working at manufacturing facilities). 

Some natural deodorants work for some people, and some just don't.  However, if you had one that worked for a couple months and then out of the blue stops, try an armpit detox before giving up on the deodorant.  Unfortunately everyone's body and skin microbiome are so different so there is no way of really telling ahead of time what would work and what wouldn't work.


So you might be wondering, what in the world can you use to detox your pits?

If you're into DIY and want to make your own detox mask, you can always look up some recipes online.  Be sure to mix the ingredients in a ceramic bowl using glass or wooden stirring implement.  Avoid using metal, as the clays can pull out some of the metal!  

Many of our customers had tried making detox masks when we didn't offer one.  Unfortunately it is quite difficult to achieve the right consistency and to prevent chunks from falling off the pits or complained that the masks they made from recipes online were ineffective.  Since so many people have requests for this product, we now offer our version of Detox Mask here.

There are currently two versions, the regular one and the upgraded charcoal formula.  The only difference is literally the charcoal.  I absolutely prefer the charcoal formula over the regular since it pulls out toxins better and is more effective at detoxing.  Not only does the detox mask help kill odor-causing bacteria, it also soothes skin, reduces irritation, and balances and regulates your skin's pH while providing gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.

If you know anything about our brand and company, we always formulate our products to be multi-functional if we can help it.  Not only does the detox mask work well on pits, it also works super well on the face and anywhere on the body.

We get asked if our charcoal detox mask is gentle enough on the face by customers.  And again, the answer is that it absolutely is.  It's amazing for pits, face, and body!


Since I'm Southeast Asian and have less odor-causing bacteria on my pits (sorry TMI), I don't need pit detoxing as much but absolutely LOVE using the mask on my face.  It really helps keep my face clear.  Did you know that charcoal masks are really good for blackheads, acne, and scarring for some people?  Yup!!!

Many people at pop up markets will ask me what makes my face have a healthy glow all the time, no matter how little sleep or what my diet is at the time.

So this is it.  I'll give you a little secret to my clear, glowing skin. Our charcoal detox mask is absolutely ONE of the few products to achieve this (our beauty cream and some other face products being some others).  If you have already read my blog post about 10 ways to nourish and to improve your skin, you know that honey is a must-have ingredient and is great for acne-prone skin, aging skin, and more!  It is full of antioxidants and naturally antibacterial.  Honey also boosts complexion since it is moisturizing and soothing, helping create healthy glowing skin.

My other secret is going against the directions I wrote on those product labels.  In general, definitely follow those directions.  But once in a while, it is okay to leave the detox mask on your face a bit longer - around 10-20 minutes or longer depending on what type of skin you have.  The mask will dry and pull on your skin, almost like a mini "Botox" session to tighten the skin briefly.  Only do this 1-2x a month and be sure to not over dry your skin especially if you have dry skin.

While I can't prove that scientifically or make guarantees, I do know that I feel my skin tighten and that I get superb results...  And so do many customers who use our detox mask!

Seriously, who doesn't want all these amazing benefits?  Turn back the clock and give your skin what it needs.  You'll see some pretty fantastic results once you do this.  Your pits and your face thank you.

Now go and detox!



  • Hey Alicia,

    Every body and skin responds to ingredients and treatments differently. For this particular case, do you know what caused the dark marks? Blemishes?

    This detox mask is not to lighten the skin. If you are looking for skin brightening products, please hang on tight. We will be coming out with a few products in the future.

    In terms of bumps, blemishes, and rashes, it depends on the root cause of your symptoms. I can’t guarantee that this detox mask will 100% heal your blemishes, however I can tell you that we have plenty of customers who tell us their rashes and blemishes (mostly irritation from other natural deodorants) go away over 2 months time after using our deodorant stick, deodorant spray, and detox mask.

    Many of those customers will use the detox mask before showering. After drying off, they apply the spray first before applying the stick. Some of them will use the spray throughout the day. Our spray is formulated to help soothe the skin – redness and irritation.

    It is important to note that we also have a handful of folks (less than 5 let us know) who have had bad dermatitis who did not find our products effective. From what we gathered, they used our products for about 2-4 weeks.

    Again, it just depends on the root cause. I hope this is helpful!


    Jenny Melick
  • Hi,
    Does it clear dark marks or blemishes under the armpit as well?


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