Essential Oil Roll-On Improvements!

Hello Everyone,

Cory here with a brief update on our essential oil roll-ons.  Over the last couple weeks we have received some feedback on our essential oil roll-ons.  The most frequent comments (other than Urgent Rescue really knocks out pain) was that the roller ball wasn't working.  Some people reported a ball that wouldn't roll while a couple others had a roller ball that would leak.  

First we want to thank all of our wonderful supporters and customer for constructive feedback, that is how we improve to deliver the best products possible.  After several weeks of intensive testing and many conversations with various suppliers, we have found a new roller fitting that we think will address most issues.  The new new fittings will be visually different because it has a black, plastic collar to help seal the glass roller ball.  We tested it for leaks after numerous shakes and days tiled on it side.  As Jenny will say, this fitting is purse ready.  This fitting also has greater depth between the ball and collar when depressed, allowing for a freer movement of the ball and better application of the essential oil.

We are very excited to offer this improvement on our essential oil roll-ons and believe this will help with portability of our product.  As always we love hearing from our supporters and customers, good news and bad.  This is how we improve and bring you the best products.

Have a great week,


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