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Fabric Face Masks FAQs

With Covid-19 still hanging around, it appears that face masks may be here to stay for a while. We have created some fabric face masks that are both stylish and functional, so you can look great while staying safe and healthy. 

We have selected an array of fabrics, both solids and prints, to go with almost any outfit. Over time, we have selected more fabrics based on the styles that have been our best-sellers and current trends. The fabric we use is 100% cotton so that it's gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It's also breathable, which is perfect for the hot summer months.

All of our masks are handmade by my mom, who is a seasoned seamstress. She was a nurse in Taiwan and used to dream about fashion in her teens while making beautiful sketches of her own designs. Mom takes pride in her work, making sure all of the seams are put together just right, so that you receive a high-quality mask.

Our masks come in both adult and child sizes, so that you are able to keep your entire family protected.  We get asked about sizing quite often.  So here are the details, in case you need this:

Regular Size

    • Fits teens and adults
    • Overall measurement when not expanded, 8" wide x 3" tall, expanded to ~6" tall
    • Filter pocket opening appx 4.25”
    • Interior measurement when not expanded, 7”x3.75”
    • Expanded highest interior point is appx 5.5”
    • Filters fit AND many surgical masks fit into this size mask

Child Size

    • Fits mostly kids 6-9 years old, depending on face size
    • Overall measurement when not expanded, 6" wide x 2.5" tall, expanded to ~4.5 tall
    • Filter pocket opening appx 3.25”
    • Interior measurement when not expanded, 5”x2.5”
    • Expanded highest interior point is appx 4”
    • Many filters fit into this size mask

In order to continue providing our customers with the highest-quality masks we can provide, we have made some updates to our masks. To get the best fit, we now attach adjustment buckles to the elastic ear loops, allowing you to tighten or loosen the elastic as needed. (We have included an easy tutorial below for how to reattach the earpiece adjusters if they happen to come off). We also have changed our elastic thickness from 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch, in order to provide a more comfortable fit. 

Our masks also come with an adjustable nosepiece, allowing you to fit the mask to your nose for a more comfortable and sealed fit. This will help minimize that unwanted glasses fog that glasses-wearers tend to experience while wearing masks. 

The back of the masks have a different solid fabric (random color that goes beautifully with the front color or print) so that you can quickly differentiate the front and the back of the mask quickly.  It is important to know this especially if you take your mask off and need to put the mask back on.

For extra protection, our masks have a pocket where a filter can be inserted. Many different types of filters can be inserted in this pocket, from mask filters you can purchase from Amazon to surgical masks. These are lightweight options that add an extra layer of protection while not making the masks uncomfortably warm this summer.  Again, if you need to know about sizing and what filters or extra layers fit well into our masks, please look at the notes from above.

Due to the adjustable-wire nose piece and ear pieces, we recommend hand-washing these masks. However, they can be machine washed as well. We just recommend putting them in a delicates bag and running them on a delicate cycle - like what you would do bras with wires or other undergarments. Washing them inside of a delicates bag will also help catch the adjustable buckle attachments in case they come off during the wash cycle. 

If for some reason your adjustable buckles has come off at any point and you'd like to put them back on the elastic ear loops, you can follow this easy tutorial:

We are always looking for feedback or design suggestions. Leave us a comment and tell us what you love, or what you would like to see in the future! This will help us to continue delivering the highest quality products out there!

Be sure to come back and check on our Face Mask listing every few weeks - we will always have updated new colors and prints!  Remember, all of the colors and prints are limited editions so once they sell out, that's it.  They are gone forever.  Happy shopping and accessorizing! 

Wishing you and your family the best, be safe.





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