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Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe it? We are coming up on the end up 2020! We've almost made it! This has been a really tough, and unprecedented year for all of us, as we have navigated 'new normals' in nearly all aspects of our lives.

As the year draws to an end, we now have to figure out what this holiday season will look like. Will we shop online or in stores? Will we travel or just stay home? Will we see our whole family or celebrate with a smaller group? 

One thing you won't have to worry about is what to put on your holiday shopping list! We've carefully curated several amazing gift boxes with a wide variety of price points, perfect for everyone on your list! Plus, all of these items are from artisans, makers and small businesses around the Carolinas. This holiday season, shop small + support local! 



This year more than ever, we all realize how important teachers are. Show the teachers who made an impact on your child's life how much you appreciate them with these must-have products that teachers will love!

Teachers get exposed to a lot of germs in the classroom, so help keep them healthy with our hand-soothing hand sanitizer spray! It's formulated with aloe vera and essential oils, so no more dry, irritated hands. Pamper them with our best-selling Face Serum, Konjac Sponge and lip balm. These products are all formulated and handcrafted in Charlotte, NC with the highest quality organic ingredients available. 

Give them a delicious treat with an organic gourmet chocolate bar from Silvermoon Chocolate - because teachers deserve the best. Every bar is handcrafted with from raw, nutritionally intact ingredients.

Mulling Spice from Raven's Original is the perfect way to relax and reset during the holiday break. This award winning Mulling Spice is a delicious and aromatic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange and lemon. It is ideal for creating hot spiced cider, mulled wine or summer sangria. 

Chocolate + Coffee Lovers Box
Chocolate and Coffee Lovers Box
Who doesn't love chocolate and coffee, am I right? This box features some of our organic products that incorporate coffee or cacao, it also highlights handcrafted products from several other small businesses in the Carolinas!

Start off with a bag of organic, ground coffee from Black Powder Coffee. Rest assured that this Mooresville, NC based company only uses hand-selected, and responsibly harvested beans. We included a gourmet Coffee Lover's Mocha Dark Chocolate bar from Silvermoon Chocolate for a delicious treat!

You may not know that some of our organic products at Roses and Azalea are actually made with coffee or cacao. These are perfect ways to bring pampering and joy to any coffee or chocolate lover in your life.

Our Eye Oil is made with coffee oil, which helps with cellulite reduction, is rich in Vitamin B-3, reduces inflammation, has anti-aging benefits, and helps treat dark circles. Get our newly-released Coffee Lip Scrub! It provides a gentle exfoliation, leaving your lips feeling soft and smooth. Finish the lip treatment with moisturizing lip balm

So many dry shampoos are made for light hair, but what about those of us with dark hair? We have specially formulated dry shampoo just for you! Our Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair uses cacao to get it's dark color! Plus, it smells like minty hot chocolate. (Don't worry, we haven't left out the ladies with light hair! You can also choose our Dry Shampoo for Light Hair!) Side Note: If dry shampoo isn't your thing, you can choose another chocolate bar from Silvermoon Chocolate!

Have the best day while enjoying our "Good Morning, Sunshine" aromatherapy candle. This candle is made using 100% soy wax and 100% essential oils. This coffee oil blend is uplifting and mood boosting, so you can take on the day!

Carolinas Box

Carolinas Box

Support six small, local businesses and artisans from North and South Carolina every time you purchase our Carolinas Box! Enjoy a curated box of bestsellers from these local makers. 

White and Gold Studs from Charlotte-based Elise Design Company are sure to bring compliments every time you put them on. The white acrylic hexagons with gold mirrored detail are a beautiful compliment to all skin types. 

It's so important to keep our immune systems up as we enter into flu season. On top of that, this year we have an extra virus to worry about. Elderberry Syrup from Honest Elderberry Co. will boost your immune system so you're ready to take on the season. 

Mulling Spice from Raven's Original is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Raven's Original is a second generation family business based in South Carolina.   They are rich in heritage and have a loyal following. Monica Smith, owner of Raven's Originals, ensures that all of their products are crafted in small batches with the meticulous selection of the finest quality ingredients. 

This box gives you the choice between two different chocolate options, pending on whether you select pickup or delivery. All orders (delivery OR pickup) are eligible to receive the Coconut Milk Chocolate from Silvermoon Chocolate.

Alternatively, for anyone who is able to pick up their box in-person, you have the option to choose a Hot Cocoa Bomb from Charlotte-based Sprinkled by Kristina instead. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship Hot Cocoa Bombs at this time. If you're not familiar with hot cocoa bombs, they're essentially a chocolate ball filled with ingredients to make hot cocoa. Pour hot milk over the chocolate bomb, and voilà, you've got delicious hot cocoa, marshmallows and all! It's pretty amazing to watch!

We all know how important home has been for so many of us this past year. Celebrate "home" with beautiful gold, rose gold, or silver ornaments featuring your home state. Grab some for friends and one for yourself!

Everyone loves our top-selling duo, Face Serum and Konjac Sponge. Leave your face feeling soft and smooth using the gentle exfoliation of the Konjac Sponge and the moisturizing, toning and repairing properties of Face Serum. Plus, it smells amazing!


Holidays Box

Holiday Box

This gift box is sure to bring joy and holiday cheer to everyone who receives it. It's filled with hand-selected items for self-care and indulgence. 

Delight your palate with a Raspberry Vanilla Dark Chocolate bar from Silvermoon Chocolate. Enjoy the warmth and savor the flavors of the season with Mulling Spice from Raven's Originals. 

The Avocado Studs from Elise Design Company are a fun, unique statement piece. Oh, and did we mention they're super cute?

As part of this gift box, you'll receive our holiday exclusive mini fireplace "Winter Joy" aromatherapy candle! It has a crackling wooden wick + smells amazing! This soy candle is handcrafted with 100% essential oils (no synthetic fragrances). Plus, the lid sticker art is digitally drawn by our very own founder + owner Jenny Melick!

Pamper yourself with our moisturizing and healing Dry Cracked Skin Balm. Treat your lips with our new Coffee Lip Scrub and moisturize them with Lip Balm

To finish off the gift, we are including your choice of PM Anti-Aging Serum OR Brightening Serum (Vitamin C). Both of these serums have been part of our limited-edition small batch releases, and we have brought them back by popular demand!

relax and recharge
Relax + Recharge Box

2020 has been quite the year. For many of us, it's been stressful and overwhelming. End the year off right with some TLC. 

Detoxify, heal, and nourish your skin with the Roses + Azalea Detox Mask. The Mud Mask Applicator is the perfect companion for the mud mask. It provides easy application while keeping your hands clean! All of the mask goes where it is supposed to - on your face. While you're focusing on your face, don't forget to moisturize your lips with our organic lip balm. With only 4 ingredients, it has everything you need and nothing you don't. 

Rosewater Toner helps to reduce inflammation and redness. This toner soothes, balances, and tones skin while delivering powerful antioxidants to protect the face. Keep pampering your face with a Konjac Sponge. This sponge provides gentle exfoliation, and is safe enough for use even around the delicate eye tissue. Plus, they are 100% natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. You can't ask for anything better than that!

Enjoy the refreshing scent of our limited-edition Floral Tea Light Aromatherapy Candle while enjoying Collagen + Probiotic Morning Matcha from Yourlixir. This is a synergistic superfood breakfast blend that promotes a healthy microbiome, stellar skin, and stimulates cognitive function.

When you want to indulge, treat yourself with an organic, gourmet 'Raspberry Vanilla Dark Chocolate' bar from Silvermoon Chocolate. Your tastebuds will be happy you did.

Select your choice of either a motivational or faith-based card to put on your bathroom mirror, or bring around with you to cheer you on. This is a great reminder that no matter what life throws at you, you've got this! This card is also the perfect way to complete a gift, to send a little encouragement to a friend.

Custom Boxes

We are happy to work with you to create custom boxes. Also, we are taking corporate and bulk orders. For inquires about custom boxes or bulk orders, you can email Jenny at hello@rosesandazalea.com. Let us know how we can help!

Impact Partners

We're HUGE on giving back to the community - our social impact match program currently helps Foster Village Charlotte and The Relatives. In the spirit of giving, we are upping our donations to our impact partners. Instead of donating one RA product to a child in need for every order, we're donating one for EACH box sold this holiday season!  They're needing 200+ products soon (deodorants, lip balms, etc.), and we'd love to donate as much as we can.

When you purchase any of our gift boxes, you are not only helping to support small, local businesses and artisans, but also helping a child in need. 


Stocking Stuffers $15 + Under

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.... Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers? Look no further. We've rounded up the best stocking stuffers all under $15


+ Allergy Relief Balm
+ Deodorant Spray
+ Dry Brush
+ Dry Shampoo for Light Hair or Dark Hair
+ Geranium + Lavender Bath Soak - Test Tube
+ Gold Makeup Brush
+ Konjac Sponges
+ Lip Balm - Peppermint OR Lavender (our brand new release)
+ Mud Mask Applicator
+ Organic Deodorant Sticks
Samples of our best selling products


Gift Ideas $35 + Under

Sometimes, you just need the perfect gift without spending a fortune. Made with high quality, organic ingredients, you can't go wrong with any of these amazing gift ideas!

+ Anti-Aging Serum
+ Beauty Cream
+ Brightening Serum
+ Canvas Makeup Bag
+ Detox Mask
+ Dry Shampoo for Light Hair or Dark Hair
+ Dry, Cracked Skin Balm
+ Eye Oil
+ Gift Box for Teachers
+ "Home" State Ornament
+ Honey Gentle Cleanser
+ Rosewater Toner
+ Sea Soaks - Detox + Uplift
+ 'Winter Joy' Aromatherapy Candle




As 2020 comes to a close, we want to reflect and take a moment to thank everyone who has stood by us this past year. Many of you know how much of a toll this pandemic has taken on small businesses around the world. We are so grateful to every single one of you who have supported our small business this past year (and every year).

Here's to a brighter, healthier, happier 2021! May we all be able to hug loved ones and resume the activities we enjoyed before the pandemic. However, let us all carry with us the lessons we learned about taking time to slow down this year. There's power in giving yourself a chance to breathe and recharge.


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