Ingredient Spotlight: Arrowroot Powder

Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!!! It's Cory here with another quick and simple ingredient spotlight. 

Arrowroot powder is the starch of a tropical rhizome (think of it like a root or potato) that has been gaining popularity in the last few years in the culinary world.  It is very popular among the paleo and grain free crowd as its it s gluten free, minimally processed, and is typically GMO.

So what is arrowroot powder?  It is a starchy substance that is extracted from the tubers of Maranta arundinacea.  It is closely related and similar to cassava, yucca or kudzu. The powder is used as a thickener in cooking and in cosmetics.

Arrowroot powder is very moisture and oil absorbing and readily absorbs into the skin sebum.  Since the powder does hold moisture and absorbs into the sebum, it helps to moisturize the skin.  We take advantage of this natural effect by using it in our dry shampoos and deodorants.  When we sweat, the water aspect is absorbed into the arrowroot powder which keeps the excess moisture from beading and showing up on our clothes.  

When arrowroot powder is applied to the skin, it has a smoothing, soothing, and shining effect.  We currently capture that soothing effect in our deodorant and dry shampoo to help prevent irritation of the underarm and scalp. 

The last benefit for our use is that arrowroot powder is gluten free.  So for those with sensitive skin or gluten allergies, arrowroot powder is a great substitute for wheat flour as a thickener. 

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