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Ingredient Spotlight: Beeswax

Hello everyone, Cory here with another Ingredient Spotlight.  Today you will learn why we use beeswax is many of our products, from lip balm to deodorant, to body butters.  As usual, we'll keep it short so you can get back to crushing your day!

Beeswax is the structural component inside beehives that bees use to store honey and their young.  Much like honey, this wax has antiseptic and antimicrobial compounds in it which help preserve our natural products without the use of harsh, synthetic chemicals.  In fact, there have been beeswax recovered from pots in sunken ships that are 100s of years old, and the beeswax is still good.  This antiseptic ability also makes beeswax an effective acne treatment.

Besides the antimicrobial benefit, we also like beeswax because it is high in vitamin A which is very nutritive for skin.  Vitamin A stimulates the body to produce collagen which fights stretch marks and wrinkles.  Beeswax is also a great emollient, which helps lock moisture into the skin.  The emollient properties and its ability to seal the skin makes it great additive for lip balms and hand/foot lotions/balms.  

Beeswax also has many anti-inflammatory compounds which will help reduce skin swelling and puffiness (totally a real word, looking at you Webster). 

So for the reasons above and host of many others, we use beeswax in many of our products.  




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