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Hi, Jenny here!

I want to, first, thank YOU for coming to our website and reading our blog posts.  We may talk about our products from time to time, but our blog is really more to share our stories and experiences about pursuing a healthier lifestyle - what worked and what didn't work.  We will also share about what to expect from natural products versus what you are used to with conventional products.  And more importantly, we will have some resources (sometimes more tailored to the local Charlotte metro area) that may help you and your family.

Live your best life.  This was a sign I came across at Hobby Lobby recently when I was shopping for props to bring as a vendor at local events.  It fit our company brand perfectly, but more importantly, the message spoke to me.  Live your best life, be the best person you can be, live a joyful and healthy life.

Many people I have encountered this year during the launch of our business have asked me: What were you doing before this and why did you start this business?

I graduated with a chemistry degree in 2011 mostly because my parents wanted me to pursue medical school - I'm (1) Asian and (2) born into a family of mostly doctors and nurses.  Naturally my first corporate job was an analytical chemist... until I moved to where my (now) husband lived.  For a few years, I worked in the non-profit sector until owning my own business in Charlotte as a commercial photographer.

My work background seems really random.  However, I recently learned that every skill and knowledge I've gained literally has prepared me for this company.

Right when I started college in 2005, I experienced some health issues.  It first started with irregular periods.  I noticed abnormal weight gain and some abnormal blood work.  I had chronic IBS and was in pain all the time.  My energy was very low compared to my "norm."

Doctor after doctor, everyone told me it was just in my head.  I needed to eat healthier and exercise (okay, not dismissing this, it's true in most cases).  They prescribed me medicine full of chemicals that hurt my body more than helped me.  At one point, I was rushed to the ER because a doctor mis-prescribed medication that started to affect my liver.

I realized that I needed to turn toward holistic approaches to heal my body.  Acupuncture literally took my chronic IBS symptoms away after 2 years.  Slowly, I began to look for more natural remedies and products.  It probably wasn't until about 2-3 years ago when my husband and I were more serious about clearing our entire house and throwing anything with chemicals away as well as looking at the foods we eat.  After all, we were in our late 20s, early 30s and our bodies didn't bounce back as quickly as when we were in our early 20s.

We both worked very long hours.  We barely spent time together, including weekends, and definitely did not have time to ourselves.  In this modern day, you can get so wrapped up in working super hard to pay off student debt, pay the bills and mortgage/rent, afford the every day essentials for you and your entire family.  Neither one of us paid attention to reading every single word on labels for food or products.  We trusted the words "natural" and "organic" and "good for you."  Sounds familiar?

Well, shame on us.  Both of us have chemistry backgrounds and yet we didn't catch all the harmful chemicals that we have put into our bodies.  We thought we were being healthy.  In fact, I was a little dumbfounded (but relieved) when I saw my test results come back - hypothyroidism and elevated thyroid autoimmune markers.  How did we not catch this sooner?

It's not that easy.  Especially when you don't know exactly what you're looking for.  I did try starting in college but without the knowledge/resources I know now and the help of a great healthcare provider, I struggled to be healthy.  The "eat healthy and exercise" comment wasn't helpful.  I have a lot of food sensitivities I didn't know about - healthy foods in fact.  So every time I ate certain vegetables, fruits, nuts, legume, dark chocolate, and other foods, I was getting sicker and creating more inflammation in my body.  At one point, I even tried crossfit... without realizing that because of my thyroid issues, the intense exercise was creating more stress to my body than it can handle.  I rapidly gained 10 pounds within less than a month.

From countless conversations with family, friends, and total strangers, I realized that there was a huge need for products that are truly natural and nontoxic.  I've heard so many similar stories as my own, and many people share the same frustrations I had about not knowing what information is accurate and what to believe.

I founded this company with my husband on the very principle of creating products that are truly nontoxic and natural, balancing profits with the good, and building a brand of the highest integrity that you can trust.  We want to be able to share our stories/experiences and the resources we have collected over time so you can decide what works best for you.

If you are dealing with health issues (or just not feeling your best), rest assure - you are NOT alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel; you CAN get healthier.  We hope that you will come back regularly and read our blog posts.  Maybe you will find some information that is helpful to you and your family!

Here's to 2019: may you live your best life - filled with joy, positive energy, and health!



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