Natural Allergy Relief

Hello Everyone,

So Jenny and I went all natural as possible this Spring for allergy relief.  On a normal year, we're pretty zealous about taking our daily, OTC, 24hr allergy relief pill, but we decided to try a more natural approach this year.  We are typically afflicted with the normal allergy symptoms:  stuffy nose, runny nose, congested sinuses, sneezing, etc.  This Spring we relied on three resources to combat the sniffles. 

1.   Quercetin.   This is plant based flavonoid found in many foods such as red wine (if only allergy relief was as simple as drinking wine, sigh), onions, green tea, apples, kale, blueberries, and buckwheat.  This plant based compound is a powerful antioxidant and provides strong anti-inflammation effects.  Quercetin is also a natural antihistamine which suppresses your bodies reactions to pollen based allergies.  Quercetin has been shown to reduce allergy effects like coughs, watery eyes, runny nose, hives, and swollen lips. Thrive Wellness Center carries a high quality Quercetin in the South Park area. 

2.   Allergy Balm.  This is a product that we just released for sale in May, 2019, but have been using since Feb.  This allergy balm can be applied around the nostrils and contains Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils.  These essential oils help to open up the sinuses and were instrumental in allowing us to get some decent sleep at night.  This may be TMI, but during the height of allergy season, I can go through a box of kleenxs a day.  You can imagine the skin irritation from that kind of use.  So we included beeswax, frankincense E.O., and lavender E.O. to help seal, soothe, and heal the skin for those use often reach for a kleenx.  More info about our Allergy Balm can be found here.

The result of our trial was that Jenny didn't take any OTC meds while on I only took meds may 3 to 4 days during the height.  We definitely got the best sleep we've had during allergy season and we woke up without our throats feeling super dry and scratchy.  I still suffered from runny nose, the the allergy balm keep my nostrils from being rubbed raw and irritated.  Why did it take me 31 years to figure this out?  Who knows. 

3.   Elderberry Syrup.  If you live around the Charlotte Metro Area, odds are you have seen Sweet's Syrup.  This syrup is made with elderberries, some other superfoods, and local honey.  Many studies have linked local honey consumption with lowered pollen allergy.  The elderberries pack a lot of Vitamin C and other nutrients to help you body fight inflammation, especially in the throat.  We typically will reach for this syrup before reaching for typically OTC meds for sore throats and minor colds.

Just a side note: elderberry syrup is not keto-friendly unfortunately.  So for whatever health reason that make regulating carbs and sugar intake crucial, it's still possible to find relief with the first two options and not take elderberry syrup.  Everyone's body is different; try and find out what you need to feel better!


Anyways, until next time, be well and Live Your Best Life.



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