Shea Butter Crystals in the Lip Balm

Good Morning Everyone,

With the warming weather, everyone is starting to turn the A/C on to cool their houses.  With this, a few people have mentioned that sometimes they feel a little bit of grit on the peppermint lip balm.  No its not their imagination, no we didn't add an exfoliate to it (though we are looking into a lip scrub, so stay tuned!).  Those are shea butter crystals that naturally occur when unrefined or raw shea butter cools.  

To make our lip balms, we melt all the oils and waxes and butters, allow that mixture to cool, then add our peppermint E.O. and mix.  The mixture is poured while still melted.  As the mixture cools and turns to solid, the raw shea butter forms small crystals.  The crystals are always present, but are only noticeable at slightly cooler temperatures.  As is the nature of natural and unrefined products, some lip balms may have more or more noticeable crystals, others may not be noticeable at all. Oh the joys of working with mother nature.

So the next time you reach for your lip balm, do not be alarmed if there is a slight grit feel to the first swipe, its just nature being nature.  Give yourself a kiss in the mirror and the crystals will melt leaving you with soft, hydrated lips!



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