Summer Self-Care Tips

It's the middle of summer, and there's still plenty of time for self-care this season.  Whether you're more or less busy this season, it's super important to take care of yourself whenever you can.  Self care doesn't have to be time-consuming, complicated, overwhelming, or expensive.

Okay, so what exactly is self-care?  It's anything you do to take care of yourself so you can stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well - fueling your mind, body, and spirit.  When you are healthy and well, you are able to help take care of others, do accomplish what you need to do in a day, and perform well at your job. 

During this season with anxiety, stress, and depression on the rise, taking the time to take care of yourself is even more important.  Have you checked in with yourself and asked how you're doing and what your body's asking for?  There's no cookie-cutter self-care guide.  What you need is going to look different every day, and what you need is going to look different from what other people need.

Because of this, unfortunately we can't tell you everything that will work well for you, make your health and wellness most optimal, and practice that fit best into your every-day lifestyle.  What we can do is give you a few ideas on how to practice self-care:

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Prioritizing sleep and get enough quality sleep
  • Go on walks
  • Spend time in nature - which can include gardening
  • Adopt a good exercise routine that you can keep up with
  • Start a gratitude journal
  • Meditate
  • Eat a diet rich in veggies and fruits, less processed foods
  • Live in the present moment
  • Take breaks from electronics
  • Spend quality, joyful time with family and friends
  • Take up hobbies that spark joy
  • Read daily devotionals
  • Put notes about how amazing you are around your house and read them before going to bed and when you wake up
  • Have a weekly coffee date with a friend who lifts you up
  • Give yourself permission to take a pause
  • Incorporate regular acts of kindness into your day
  • Detox your body using dry brush, detox mask, and other products
  • Read inspirational or motivational quotes every day
  • Listen to podcasts that lift you up
  • Strike a starfish pose (standing up or stretch out in bed right after waking up) and tell yourself how amazing you are
  • Visit a sunflower or lavender field
  • Write your wish on a sky lantern and release it one night
  • Clean your office, a room, or even the entire house
  • Go out dancing with your significant other or friends

The list goes on and on and on.  Seriously, anything to spark joy in your life.

For me, sometimes using my gold stationary and sending hand-written postcards or cards to people make me smile.  There are times when I stay up past midnight in tears, blast music (headphone on if other people are sleeping), and paint.  It all just depends on what I need at the time and the kind of self care I need.

If you're looking for tools and products to help with physical self care this summer season, here are some that may help you:

  1. Needing something to get rid of pesky ingrowns, especially during a seasons when more skin is exposed? Our ingrown hair serum may satisfy physical needs as well as make you feel more confident!  One of the best parts of our formula is that there's no caster oil, which promotes hair growth. Why waste your shaving or waxing efforts when you can use an effective product without caster oil?
  2. Exfoliating your skin will help you achieve that healthy skin glow that you may be dreaming about.  You can use the dry brush for your entire body.  Not only will it help remove toxins, it also helps with your lymphatic system.  There's a lot more benefits to using a dry brush than just achieving a skin glow - a ton of health and wellness benefits!  If you are wanting radiant face glow, you'll want a konjac sponge for sure.  It is one of the secrets used in Korean beauty.
  3. Not only will you want a konjac sponge, you'll also want a very simple face care routine.  A plant-based gentle cleanser that won't overly dry your skin out, followed by a toner that hydrates and balances your skin's pH back to where it needs to be after cleansing, and moisturizing your skin with either our face serum or beauty cream.  Did you know that those two products actually have daily SPF in it?  SPF is super important no matter what seasons.  These products are so quick and simple to use.  And in less than a month, you'll wonder why you haven't tried these products sooner!  Definitely a must-have... Just try not to touch your face all the time (I do - I can't ever believe how soft my skin is!).
  4. Many people complain about switching to natural deodorants in the summer.  Hey if you can help it, don't.... But if it's important to start right this moment, then we have the solution for you.  Our deodorant sprays help keep you feeling refreshed.  It's also a product to help reduce redness and inflammation.  You can bring it with you even in the summer heat - it's liquid so it won't melt!
  5. This summer season is a bit different... Keeping you and your family healthy and safe may be one of your priorities.  If you're looking for an organic hand sanitizer that doesn't have harmful chemicals, we have the product just for you.  No methanol - did you know most denatured alcohol actually contain methanol?  Our organic ethanol is filtered several times and pharmaceutical. Also smells amazing! Remember to follow up with a thick balm or cream (not lotion) to moisturize and protect your skin.  Don't skip this step!

What ever you are feeling this moment, the most important thing is to give yourself grace.  It's okay to be down.  It's okay to not have a good day.  You don't have to be running 100% all the time or be joyful 24/7.  

Surround yourself with as much positivity as you can.  Take the time to pick yourself back up if you're down.  When certain doors close, others will open.  Again, remember, prioritize and spend time doing things that spark joy!  You don't need all the time in the world to do this - even 15 minutes every day count.

By the way, in case you are in need of some products for self care, we have you covered today. Just for ONE day only, we're gifting you 10% off your entire purchase (no min) of our online store with the code "SELFCARE10" so don't wait!  And mark your calendars for August 1st - we are announcing a few more exciting news then.

Happy International Self Care Day! 加油, 加油, 加油 - you can do it!

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