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  • Featured Expert - Multi-faceted Unicorn and Coach on Self-Love

    It's almost Valentine's Day❣  Whether you have a bae/hunny or not in your life, every single woman deserves self-love and self-care.

    Love doesn't always have to come from other people.  In fact, it is so important to love yourself.  As women, we wear so many hats in this modern day, and sometimes we forget about our own needs because we are so busy taking care of other people - at work, at home, anywhere really.

    This interview of Chrystal Rose is about self-love that impacts the mind, body, and spirit.  I'm going to be completely honest - this is something that I am 100% still struggling with.  I've been bullied and shamed all of my life, a lot of times by the people whom I thought loved me and was closest to me, so this topic is absolutely important to me.  Sometimes people don't realize that words really hurt, and they truly don't realize how those words can impact others' self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.

    Chrystal owns Rebellia, the Rebel Babe Cave podcast, and Mental Message.  She is also a nutritional coach and is currently working on obtaining a certification in life coaching that focuses on body image and disordered eating from a holistic approach.  Chrystal is extremely passionate at what she does and wants to make an impact on women's lives - centering around changing the mindset, achieving sustainability (instead of trying yo-yo diets), and working towards balance.

  • Featured Expert - Functional Nutritionist on Gut Microbiome

    We may know February as the month of love.  On Valentine's Day - February 14 each year - lovers spoil each other and express just how much they love and appreciate their better half.

    But did you know this?  From the Latin word Februarius, meaning “to purify“, February was known as the “Month of Purification” during ancient Roman times. It is a transitional time, finding itself just after a month of reflection and new year's resolutions.

    Because of this, I wanted to interview one of the experts in functional nutrition here in Charlotte - Rhya Pachin - about gut microbiome and the importance of using food and nutrition to heal the body.  As someone with autoimmune caused thyroid issues, I can testify to the power of nutrition (and the times when I slip up and have gluten or any foods I currently have sensitivities to like sunflower seed oil, most nuts, chocolate, and much much more, I get super sick).

    Rhya is licensed dietitian nutritionist with an integrative or functional approach, trained to design and supervise customized plans and elimination diets.  She helps so many people, including those with gastrointestinal conditions like IBS/IBD and those with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthiritis (RA) and Hashimoto's.