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  • #GOALS

    Is it really January 8, 2020?  Wow, 2020.

    I know it's going to be a good year for all of us just from the way it looks on paper and sounds.  I'm super excited to hear from many of you that self care and health are high on the priority list this year!

    So, it seems like I have broken at least one New Year's resolution - too soon yet?  I'm a little sad that this is the very first blog post in 2020; I thought as a 2020 #goal I would post at least once a week on our blog and definitely the first few days of the year since we're just coming out of the holidays and I wouldn't have much going on after New Years.

    Okay, I was totally wrong.  Here's the reality of life as an entrepreneur.  On January 1st, it was my very first day as a student this semester.  Even though I'm a business owner, I'm a big believer in furthering my education and learning constantly.  While I got started on school work, I also had to respond to Tim and Matt from Charlotte is Creative (you may also know them from The Biscuit and Creating Mornings), who informed us that we were one of the 3 recipients of the HUG Micro-Grant!