Why sweating is good for you!

Hello Everyone, Cory here with three quick reasons why sweating is good for us.

1. One of main benefits of sweating is that it removes various wastes from our bodies.  Sweating is one of the big three ways by which our bodies removes unnecessary and potential harmful wastes.  When we sweat, the body can remove heavy metals, various synthetic plastics like BPA and phthalates, damaged cells, built up bacteria and virus in our pores, and damaged proteins. 

2.  Sweating can promote healthy skin.  Sweating can help promote skin cell turnover by removing dead or damaged cells.  Sweat also contains several antimicrobial proteins that help protect the skin from the numerous bacteria, viruses, etc that we come into contact with everyday. 

3.  Sweating, rather through exercise or sauna, activates the parasympathetic response in the body that helps us to relax, improves digestion, and circulation. Sweating is also linked with reduce levels of cortisol and other stress hormones.

This is why we only use and make deodorants.  Traditional antiperspirant use aluminum salts to clog your pours and prevent sweating.  Our deodorants contain arrowroot powder which is very moisture absorbing.  This way our bodies still sweat properly, but under normal circumstances, the sweat is absorbed and doesn't leave wet marks under your arms. 

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