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21 May 2019

Hello Everyone and welcome to Roses and Azalea's newsletter.

We wanted to start off by wishing everyone a happy upcoming Memorial Day.  We know many people will be traveling this weekend for the Holiday and we wish everyone safe travels.  Just as importantly, we will be taking time to remember the heros who sacrificed everything to protect our freedom and our great country.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones in the Service.

On our side of things, we will be traveling to Arkansas to spend time with the Melick family.  While its a long 12hr drive, it is through some of the prettiest country in the US, western NC and TN.  It was funny the first time Jenny and I drove through TN (we drive across the state, so about 500mi).  Her family lives in Balitmore, MD, and driving around that part of the East Coast, it is easy to be in a new state every 30-60 miles.  So when we entered TN, I let her know that we will be in this state for a nice, long while.  About 2 hrs into TN, Jenny started getting antsy and looking for the next state.  I couldn't keep count how many time she asked "are we out of TN yet?".

This past weekend we were at the Ballantyne Village Wine Festival and Pop-Up Market.  We want to thank everyone that came out to support us.  We will be a few more markets in June so be sure to check below for our next stops.  As mentioned, we are taking this weekend off to spend time with family.  The last few weeks saw us release new products.  We now offer two bath soaks.  The detox bath soak is made Bentonite clay and essential oils like ginger to help remove heavy metals, bacteria, and other build-ups from the skin.  Our uplift bath soak is made with Rhassoul clay and citrus essential oils to help re-mineralize the skin and improve mood.  Both soaks have epsom salts to relax the muscles and a blend of ocean/sea salts to help re-mineralize the skin.  I actual think I just invented a word.  Oh well.  We also released deodorant sprays in our two scents (Geranium + Lavender and Lemongrass).  These are great, portable option for active live styles, busy professionals, and after gym top-ups. 

As always, we are so grateful for all our supporters and fans.  Thank you all so very much and until next time, have a wonderful Memorial Day.

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