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4th of July Newsletter

Hello Friends and Supporters,

To those who have already received our newsletters, welcome back and good to see you again.  To those whose this is their 1st, welcome to the start of our journey as this is only our 3rd newsletter.  Both parties will be part of something truly magical, the growth a new company, and we are so excited that yall have decided join us on this journey. 

So first off, Happy 4th of July!!  We hope that everyone will be able to take time off and spend with family and friends.  Make sure to get the grills ready and the coolers well stocked.  For those who are traveling, be safe and alert on the roads.  Make sure to take some to reflect on the freedoms that we enjoy in this country, the freedom to gather and celebrate, the freedom of speech, the freedom to take care of ourselves. I know if you were to just go by what the evening news says, our country may not sound great, but I fully believe that even with its issues, we live in the greatest country in history.  We should celebrate its successes and work on its issues. 

I want to take a moment and just say that y'all are the BEST!!  I truly mean it.  Jenny and I are so grateful for all the support that we receive from you guys. Everyday we get comments about how well our products work and perform on Instagram, you post pictures of our products in your stories, and you follow us from market to market.  We couldn't be more blessed with your support.  We were at the Midwood Summer Market this past weekend, and several people who follow our Instagram came out to say "hi" and support us.  This support truly fuels us and drives us to continue to make the best and safest products possible. So again, thank y'all so much and we love you all.

Summer Midwood Market

Speaking of the Midwood Market, that was such a blast.  We got to setup our new display under a tent (fancy I know).  We really tried to elevate our look (including some DIY elegant IKEA legs which is why my garage smelled like paint for a couple days).  We hope you guys liked the new display.  For all those who came out to support us, thanks for braving that 90F+ heat and full sun.  Definitely needed some deodorant spray that day. 

Based on a lot of feed back the last couple months, we have finally rolled out a couple new options for our dry shampoo!!  We know you guys love the large jar option which is a great for the wallet and the Earth, but not always the most practical option for on the go or just trying the product.  So we now have two new options.

Dry Shampoo

1. The first is a 1oz travel size in a paperboard sifter.  This is a great option for anyone who doesn't use a lot of dry shampoo, who travels or is on the go, is just wanting to try our product for the first time, or would like an applicator built into the package.  The product itself has received rave reviews because of how it looks and even as a guy, I gotta admit its pretty darn cute.

2.  The second options is where the your wallet and function meets.  This is a kit which includes the large jar and an empty 1oz container.  This a great option for someone who is on the go and travels but also uses dry shampoo often.  The empty sifter container has a easy to remove/apply lid that makes refilling super easy.  All you need is a spoon and about 20 seconds. Create less trash and keep your wallet happy.

Since last newsletter we also launched our cracked skin balm called Hand Aid.  This product pairs Shea Butter (high in Vit. A and E) with Myrhh, Geranium, and Frankincense (high in skin repairing compounds) to nourish and heal skin.  It also contains beeswax to help seal in all that goodness and protect cracked/dry areas.  The most common uses have been on peoples feet (especially heels) and hands for those who work with their hands all day or have to wash them frequently.  People have also reported using on the their elbows and knees for dry skin.  In general, this product is great for the skin, so if you find other uses for it, please let us know so we can share with the community.  We love that yall are always discovering new uses for our products. 

We are getting even closer to releasing our baby-safe line.  Should be ready later this month.  As we mentioned last newsletter, this line will be made with 100% USDA Organic ingredients (still figuring out if we need to put natural preservatives to lengthen that shelf life) that will be safe for use during pregnancy, newborns, infants, or anyone with very sensitive skin or many allergies.  These products will not have essential oils, so no worry about allergies or being unsafe for babies.  The products will be based off natural oils infused calming flowers like lavender, calendula, and chamomile.    

Again, we hope very one has a Happy 4th of July and be safe on the roads and with fireworks.  We will actually be travelling up to MI on the 5th for a much needed vacation and some time off.  As such, any orders placed between July 4th and then 11th will ship out on the 12th.  Thanks for your understanding and patience. 

Thank you for you continued support!! [And please keep raving about our products on Instagram Stories (tag us!) and writing glowing reviews on Google.]

Cory here, signing off until next time  Cheers!

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