June 15, 2019 Newsletter

Hello friends and supporters. 

Quick recap in case you're new to our newsletter.  We officially launched our business on March 23rd (woohoo), released about 18 products and retired 2, been to several pop-up events and markets, and had a ton fun along the way.  We're excited to send you our 2nd  Newsletter.

We are LOVING the Instagram messages and photos of your purchases and reviews.  Please keep sending them our way!  Now that we know how to use Instagram Stories, we would love to capture and share your posts and messages/photos with more potential customers!

We just have a small ask.  As a company, we would love to cultivate a positive community and culture.  If it's possible, please refrain from using comparisons with specific brands/companies.  We hope to share your photos and reviews so potential new customers can see how much love is out there for us and our products, but we don't want to paint any other brands/companies in bad light and have decided to not share any posts or images/stories that does just that.  General comments like "best face serum out there" or "better than any products I've tried" are welcome!  Let's keep building a positive community and keep focusing on holding the health/beauty industries to a better standard!

We thank everyone for your support, feedback, and patience so far!  We are also bettering our products, packaging, etc. Three biggest changes we have made since the last newsletter:

  1. For those of you who travel a ton, the 6 month to 1 year supply of dry shampoo in glass jar isn't portable.  So we have found a paperboard shaker that is refillable.  This 2 oz container can hold up to 1 oz of dry shampoo and is super portable!  This product will be available in 1-2 weeks.
  2. We heard from a few of you that some of the roller balls were not consistent.  The glass balls that rolled well had to be stored upright to prevent leaking.  Some of them didn't glide as well.  Very quickly after hearing this feedback, we tested a few more different roller fitments (glass, steel, various mechanisms from different suppliers) and we've upgraded all the inventory with a non-leak, travel-friendly glass fitment.  You can now carry our rollers in your purse without putting in a little baggie or worrying about spills.
  3. We have retired 2 essential oil blends: headache/migraine & TMJ relief.  Because we strongly believe that Urgent Rescue blend (a 4-in-1 formula blend) provides better long-term relief as well as the instant relief for both types of pains, we didn't want to keep products that are only good for pain prevention. 







In April, we combined a few of our roll-on blends to make this best-selling product - formulated to provide immediate and continuous pain relief (PMS cramps, headaches/migraines, TMJ, and general muscle aches and pains).  Haven't tried it yet?  It feels like BioFreeze, Bengay, Tiger Balm, Salonpas, etc. with the cooling sensation.  Super effective; don't take it from us.  We have customers who buy 3-5 rollers at a time because they don't want to share with their family members!  You can get this here online.


 Our face serum has become a huge hit!  We have received a lot of great feedback about how well this product works.  Our supporters love how this oil quickly absorbs into the skin and keeps the skin glowing.  Several people have told us they use this before bed and in the mornings because they love the way it makes their skin feel.  People with pretty sensitive skin have even told us that they have used tons of products and everything irritates their skin... except this face serum.  We believe its because we refuse to comprise quality and do not use any sunflower seed or safflower seed oils in this serum.  Both those oils are common in many natural skincare products because of their low cost.  However, both are in the ragweed family which many people have mild to moderate allergies to.  

Before we head out, we wanted to give sneak peek into our future product releases.  We are currently working very hard on a few more amazing organic products, including our Pit Revival Kit and an ingrown hair and breakout oil.  

In a week or two, the dry, cracked skin balm for hardworking hands and feet will be officially debuting.  We have had a small soft launch with this product, and so many people are already falling in love with it.  The essential oil blend is super healing for the skin, arrowroot powder makes the skin silky smooth.  This product appeals to both men and women!  Anyone who washes their hands a lot, anyone on their feet or uses their hands a lot, and more would love this product.

A baby-safe line will be debuting in the next month or two.  My very own sister-in-law Eden is going to be a new mom soon!  Thinking about all the moms out there who worry about which products are truly natural/organic and how so many products out there are very toxic, we decided to make several products important to baby and mama health.  Expect 100% USDA certified organic body powder (baby powder) with absolutely NO essential oils, same thing with baby oil.  We're formulating a body balm that is super healing and soothing to the skin, even great for breast-feeding mamas and chaffed nipples - so safe that it's okay to leave on even for the baby (so moms don't have to wash the balm off before breastfeeding).

Stay tuned for a few more super exciting announcements and product debuts.  Thank you for your continued support!

Jenny here, signing off until next time. Cheers!

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