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May 2019

Hello friends and supporters. 

It has certainly been a whirlwind last two months at Roses and Azalea.  We officially launched our business on March 23rd (woohoo), released about 10 products, been to several pop-up events and markets, and had a ton fun along the way.  Now that we’ve caught our breath a little bit and had a cup of coffee, we bring you the 1st Newsletter.

To those who have been following our story, we thank you so much for your support, feedback, and patience.  To those who don’t know much about us right now we want to welcome you and invite you into our crazy and loving world. 

As mentioned earlier, we officially opened our “door” on March 23rd, however Jenny and I have been very busy with Roses and Azalea since January, 2019 as well as our health journey long before that (10+ years).  If you are interested in how/why we got started, please read our backstory here.

Since March we have released several different products.  We initially set out to make products that were difficult to find good natural/organic alternatives which were deodorants and lotions, however after we developed the deodorants, we got a lot of requests for other products such as the dry shampoos.  Since their debut, the dry shampoos have been a fan favorite!

A small note: You have asked for it.  We have listened.  We know how much you love the dry shampoo and how much some of you travel!  We are working very diligently to test out container options - a shaker/sifter that is super portable and environmentally friendly.  A few weeks ago, we thought we were close; one of the containers checked most of the boxes until we found out it was made of polystyrene (Recycling No. 6), which is super terrible for the environment.  We refuse to generate more trash.  We are hoping to find a solution for you in a few weeks, so please look for updates on Instagram or in the upcoming newsletters.  In the meantime, feel free to transfer some dry shampoo into empty, dry salt or spice shakers.  Works wonderfully!

We also released several RTU (ready to use) essential oil roll-ons, including Urgent Rescue, which is currently only available in retail stores and at events/markets.  Thanks to our supporters and their ideas, we have combined a few of our roll-on blends to make this best-selling product - formulated to provide immediate and continuous pain relief (PMS cramps, headaches/migraines, TMJ, and general muscle aches and pains).  Haven't tried it yet?  It feels like BioFreeze, Bengay, Tiger Balm, Salonpas, etc. with the cooling sensation.  Super effective; don't take it from us.  We have customers who buy 3-5 rollers at a time because they don't want to share with their family members!  You can currently pick one up at one of our retail partners or at our next pop-up event and market.  (We may be releasing this product online in the future, for those of you not in the metro Charlotte area.  But until then, if you want to try or if you run out of your supply, email us and we'll get your order fulfilled right away! No need to wait!)

Lastly, we released an allergy balm this past Saturday at the Girl Tribe Pop Up in Atlanta event.  Jenny and I have always used one of those OTC 24hr relief products.  This year we switched to taking Quercetin (a natural supplement) and applying the allergy balm around the nostrils to relieve sinus congestion.  A few of our retail partners suggested we actually make the allergy balm for the public and so we did!  Please check our online store sometime this week to purchase the product, and we will also write a blog post about more effective, natural remedies for allergies.

Last month saw us on the road quite a bit.  We were at Atherton Mill’s Farmers Market in Historical South End several times, Girl Tribe Pop Up in Charlotte, and Girl Tribe Pop Up in Atlanta this past weekend.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello!!  We will be in several markets in the remainder of May and June.

Before we head out, we wanted to give sneak peek into our future product releases.  We are currently working very hard on two products that will combine with our natural deodorants to form a complete Pit Revival Kit!!  For those of us who stand/walk a lot or work with your hands all day, we have something great heading your way too!  Lastly, well, it’s too secret to let out of the bag yet, but let’s just say it will be a mainstay in your personal care routine 😉

Cory here, signing off until next time. 

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