Face Glow Discovery Kit - Anti-Aging (for mature skin)

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Is your skin needing a little boost and age with grace? Looking for a new skincare routine to achieve that best glow that you deserve?  Well look no further!  You'll LOVE this discovery kit.

Our Face Glow Discovery Kit - Ant-Aging comes with everything that YOU would need to have the amazing skin and complexion.  This collection has all the superfoods and nutrition that your skin needs.  These organic products will take care of your face's basic needs on a daily basis starting with the first three steps - cleanse + exfoliate, tone, then moisturize.  And as a bonus, you can discover the additional products we curated specifically to turn your mature skin to glowing skin in no time.

Each kit bundle comes with the small or sample versions of SEVEN products:

  • honey gentle cleanser
  • turmeric konjac sponge
  • rosewater toner
  • face serum
  • eye oil
  • brightening serum (vitamin c)
  • anti-aging serum

Our products are organic, absolutely nourishing and healing for the skin, and perfect for even the sensitive skin.

Experience healthy beauty.  You're going to have that fabulous glow soon!  Show off your best self after the shelter in place, and smile because you know your skin is beautiful AND healthy.

Not for you?  This is the perfect gift for someone you care about - your teenagers, your wifey, your hubs.  Seriously, even the guys love these products.

Valued at $152.99.  This box is just for $129.99 at this time! This discovery kit ships FREE no matter what, woohoo. Cannot be further discounted.

Directions + Ingredients


  • Honey Gentle Cleanser (30mL), click here. Please remember this is not a makeup remover, so it wouldn't remove waterproof makeup.
  • Konjac Sponge, click here.
  • Rosewater Toner (30mL), click here.
  • Face Serum (10mL), click here.
  • Eye Oil sample (1mL), click here.
  • Brightening Serum (10mL), click here.
  • Anti-Aging Serum (10mL), click here.