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Nourish + Heal Your Body
Nourish + Heal Your Family's Bodies
Nourish + Heal The Body of a Child In Need


Not only is our purpose to formulate and create personal care and beauty products that nourish and heal our customers' bodies as well as to bridge the gap between the health/wellness industry and the beauty industry, our mission is to nourish and heal the bodies of the children in need.

For every direct order (online or at pop up markets), we give a non-toxic product to a child in need here in the USA.  We have identified and partnered with several local and national organizations to serve the children in need and lift up the next generations.

Nearly 1 in 5 children in the USA live in poverty, which can impede on children's ability to learn and contribute to social, emotional, and behavioral problems.  More importantly, poverty can also contribute to poor physical and mental health.

By investing in these children in need, we can make a difference.  With the help of several organizations, these children are provided with resources and tools that satisfy even their basic needs, raising their quality of life, and making an impact on their childhood and development.

We hope to provide children with organic, toxic-free personal care products that are much needed in their daily life routines - nourishing and healing their bodies from outside in.

Often times, we do not know the circumstances.  These children may be bounced from one home to another.  They may even be homeless.  They may have experienced loss of a loved one.  They may be living in an abusive home.  They may be sick.

What ever those circumstances are, we would like our products to be a constant in their lives - constantly providing the healing nourishments to their skin and bodies.  Our products are constantly with them as we are constantly cheering them on from afar.  We want to give them hope and allow them to feel loved every time they see and use our products.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for supporting this mission. 

We hope that the next time you use our products, it'll bring a smile on your face - knowing that somewhere else, a child is provided for and healing and nourishing his/her body just the same.


Thanks for your contributions and support!
As of May 2020:

460 products donated
[108 products in reserve]
320+ children in need served
70+ foster families impacted

Total of over $3,240 donated to children in need + foster families since May 2019


597 products donated
235+ 1st responders, healthcare professionals, front line workers served

Total of over $5927.25 donated since April 2020


Our 2019, 2020 Social Impact Recipients

Foster Village Charlotte

Every Child Deserves a Village of Support

In the Charlotte, North Carolina region there are currently close to 600 kids in the foster care system. They often come into care with little notice and very few belongings. It's the foster family's role to supply these children with basic needs, help them to feel safe and welcomed, and keep up with all of the necessary appointments and paperwork that is required within those first days after a child's placement. Staying emotionally present while sustaining heartbreaking stories and pouring out love for a new life entering the home takes a lots of energy.

They shouldn't have to do this alone.

As a community, we can help these children, foster families, kinship families, and/or biological families by creating a village of support during their time of crisis. Everyone can do something, however big or small... They're all our children and every one of us is needed.



The Relatives keeps kids safe, families together, and prepares youth and young adults to be healthy, productive, engaged members of the community.

The Relatives is a system of resources that helps children and youth find shelter and support. Our Youth Crisis Center, On Ramp Resource Center, and Housing programs keep kids safe and families together. The Relatives serves as the Safe Place agency for Mecklenburg County and the surrounding area, partnering with local businesses to ensure young people in need have access to immediate help and supportive resources.

The goal of each program The Relatives offers is to keep kids safe and families together. We believe every child deserves a safe place to sleep and a fighting chance to make it.



Current Donations and Drives

Makeup Bag Donation

What we need from YOU is Makeup Bags. Any new or gently-used (with no pet hair, any physical damage, and any traces of makeup) bags that no longer spark joy to you but may bring a child joy! Ipsy bags, bags you received from subscription boxes you don’t use, any bags we can pass onto the kids who need it!

These bags will be upcycled and treasured.  Instead of cluttering homes with unused bags or maybe even throwing them away and creating more trash/waste for the planet, we can use them to uplift kids!

Depending on the organization(s) we are donating to at the time, they may be filled with our nontoxic personal care products for our Match Program OR with other hygiene/toiletry products much needed for kids in situations of homelessness or inconsistent housing.

Below are some locations and deadlines to meet certain donation deadlines, HOWEVER, we are always looking to collect donations for the future.

Thank you for your donations and support!


Collection Deadline - Any time
[each location will have different times and deadlines]

  • Drop off or mail any time to our HQ - Huntersville/Concord/N. Charlotte Area:
    Roses and Azalea

    Attn: Jenny Melick
    6300 Harburn Forest Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28269
    [For drop offs, please just leave in our mocha Delivery Bin by our front door.]


Email us at hello@rosesandazalea.com to help this cause!