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Beauty should be defined by how healthy we are inside and out, so start showing the world the true, radiant you!

Our philosophy is to create safe, non-toxic personal care and beauty products with organic botanicals and natural ingredients that nourish and heal your body - good for you, your entire family, and the planet. 
Minimalistic, holistic, fashionable, without compromises.

After a decade-long health struggle with autoimmune caused hypothyroidism, Jenny Melick turned her entrepreneurial energy and analytical chemistry background to helping those who likewise suffer under the radar.  She strives to impact the beauty industry while supporting others with sensitive skin, allergies, and busy schedules.  In March 2019, Jenny founded Roses and Azalea, a cosmetics company that inspires women to feel beautiful by improving, never sacrificing, their health.  She combined her science background with her experiences in holistic approaches and lifestyle particularly in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.  Jenny and her family have witnessed the healing effects on their health by using these organic products that they create and living a more holistic lifestyle.  

Our products are formulated and handmade in Charlotte, North Carolina and are created for the modern woman and her family.  With the busy lifestyle in mind, each product is safe, non-toxic, multi-purpose, high-performing, effective, and multi-functional, allowing smooth, easy transitions from conventional products to organic products as well as shortening the beauty routine.  Our minimalistic approach uses only the highest quality, minimally-processed botanicals and natural ingredients with absolutely no fillers.  Cruelty-free, synthetic fragrance-free; non GMO; gluten-free; free of aluminum, parabens, sulfates, and harmful synthetic chemicals.



Why we launched Roses and Azalea

As you may have already found out (just like with processed foods), personal care and beauty products that are labeled “natural” sure have some shocking ingredients included on the back labels.  Endless list of long names that are super hard to pronounce and look awfully scary - and chances are, they are toxic chemicals that are terrible for your body.

Navigating this modern life on a daily basis can be difficult.  Women are taking on more roles and responsibilities - taking care of their families, working one or more jobs, expecting to recover quickly from childbirth, being parents (this includes fur babies), and so much more - with more stress and anxieties.  Reading labels on every consumer product and food is plain exhausting and adds onto the long list of chores. (In addition to the time spent googling every ingredient you don’t recognize and seeing if it causes cancer or causes you to be sick.)

I went through all that for ten plus years - the emergency room visits, excruciating pain, debilitating conditions.  Living with chronic pain and feeling sick but left undiagnosed by conventional health professionals.  It’s all in your head.  You’re a woman, it’s normal.  Time after time, no answers - just more prescriptions of synthetic medication that causes more side effects and harm than you started with.  

So after the diagnosis of autoimmune cause hypothyroidism, my family and I rapidly eliminated processed foods from our diets and replaced more toxic personal care and beauty products with more “natural” ones.  Which is when I found out that the word “natural” is not regulated. Only one ingredient has to be natural for the products to have that word on the label. The rest of the ingredients can be super toxic and harmful.

I took this matter into our own hands.  Surely, there are plenty of other people with the same issues and dilemmas.  That or they don’t even know that the products they are putting on their skin and body could potentially be making them sick!


The Problems We Solve For You

As a general national trend, consumers are demanding for more cleaner and greener cosmetics.  This is partially driven by modern women have genetic predispositions or are suffering from health issues that prevent them from looking and feeling their best.  Their previously established beauty routines worked well before their diagnosis with allergies, skin sensitivities, autoimmune illnesses, cancer, chronic illnesses, and other health issues.

With this company, I strive to bridge the gap between the health/wellness and beauty industries so that the modern woman (and her family) can establish her customized beauty routine with her sensitivities and health in mind.  Formulations are customized to those with some of these health issues who have difficulties finding personal care and beauty products that contain ingredients their healthcare professionals recommend them to avoid.

These organic products heal and nourish the bodies and allow smooth, easy transitions from the conventional products that people with sensitive skin, health conditions, and allergies would not be able to use.  Products are designed for individuals with busy lifestyles - they can depend on our brand to deliver multi-purpose, high-performing, effective solutions to their daily beauty routine needs

With my experience and knowledge as a former analytical chemist combined with my experiences with holistic approaches to heal my own body, I provide skincare and hair care solutions so you can nourish and heal your body holistically.  Packed with positive energy, each product is made with love in Charlotte, NC. 

At Roses and Azalea, we research and create each product with the highest quality ingredients, 100% USDA certified organic when possible, so consumers have non-toxic, truly natural options for products they use on a daily basis.  We formulate with the problems you want us to solve, and we use cutting-edge methods and natural remedies in each product.  If we do not like certain ingredients and products for ourselves, our family, and our friends, we will not include them.

Our mission is to be a company you can trust so you can focus on navigating the other parts of your life.  Stop spending countless hours researching products and not being able to remember and to keep track of where you buy certain specific items.  Stop wondering if the products you use are toxic and making you sick!

Invest in yourself and your loved ones!  Give your body what it truly deserves. Concentrate on being the unique YOU, and do not apologize for it.

Social Impact - Our Match Program

Not only is our purpose to formulate and create personal care and beauty products that nourish and heal our customers' bodies as well as to bridge the gap between the health/wellness industry and the beauty industry, our mission is to nourish and heal the bodies of the children in need.

For every purchase, we give a non-toxic product to a child in need here in the USA.  We have identified and partnered with several local and national organizations to serve the children in need and lift up the next generations.

So when you purchase from us and support our small business, you are also giving the gift of wellness to a child out there who truly needs it.  From the bottom of our hearts here at Roses and Azalea, THANK YOU!



Roses and Azalea


At first glance, you may think we named our company after two pretty flowers and branded with the color pink because it is feminine.  Roses and azalea symbolizes so much more! We wanted a company name that incorporated nature. After researching the meaning of over fifty flowers and plants, we narrowed down to our two favorites that absolutely represent our company.

The word Roses is plural because there are so many shades of roses that we are referring to.  We particularly love the meaning of pink roses [perfect happiness; grace and sweet], dark pink roses [thankfulness], and pale pink [joy; grace].  Collectively, roses also symbolize intelligence, balance, healing, revitalization, rejuvenation, and courage.

The word Azalea is used to symbolize womanhood, femininity, passion, fragility, and take care.

Our company initials RA is the name of the Egyptian sun god who is reborn every morning.  While we are not reborn every morning after sleep, we can wake up every morning and start anew - whether it is to continue a fantastic yesterday or to leave behind a terrible yesterday.  Wake up every morning grateful and positive, ready to tackle the day’s challenge and live a joyful, fulfilling life!



Our company logo is the modern take on the initials RA. We wanted triangles - the strongest shape in nature because of their inherent structural characteristics (yup, we are total nerds) - as well as a mountain peak to represent our brand.  We believe that every modern woman deserves to be standing on top of a mountain, feeling strong and confident in who she is in every way.