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Hi, I'm Jenny Melick, the founder and owner of Roses and Azalea! 

Jenny MelickI believe in the integration of holistic and alternative approaches when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  Many, many years ago (maybe a century ago), my ancestors healed people with herbal remedies and homeopathy products.

In college, after having certain life-threatening experiences from severe allergic reactions and from taking medications that were mis-prescribed, I looked for alternative ways to heal my body.  I took a comprehensive and alternative medicine course at the University of Pennsylvania and was reminded of the power of natural remedies.

After seeking help from many Western health professionals for headaches, chronic pain, and unexplained elevated white cell count, I personally turned to acupuncture and herbs.  Even though acupuncture alone stopped certain chronic pain, my body was not fully healed due to the lifestyle and daily stresses as a modern woman. Facing the same issues that many women face - anything hormonal, PMS, headaches/migraines, allergies, stress/anxiety, I realized that many food and product labels have “hidden” ingredients, causing me to be less and less healthy.  

My efforts to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle for ten years was long and windy because of all the misinformation out there.  For the past few years, it became very clear that other people are in the same position and seeking alternative approaches to health and well-being.  I founded Roses and Azalea to truly make an impact.

Operations | Advisor | Appreciator of Nature

Hi, I'm Cory Melick, the operations manager and an advisor of Roses and Azalea!

Cory MelickI grew up as a southern farm boy who (still) says “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” and was surrounded by nature.  My upbringing taught me to appreciate Mother Nature and allowed me to develop the love to tend to plants.  One of my favorite pastime is hiking and retreating to and exploring outdoors (encountering 16 bears during one weekend on a Appalachian Trail hike and surviving it).

When I am not developing, testing, and producing our quality products, I spend my time tending to our Certified Monarch butterfly waystation garden, ensuring the survivability of this valuable and vulnerable species.  Currently, I tend to our "food forest" in our backyard filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers - figs, persimmons, jujube berries, goji berries, purple asparagus, grapes, berries, and more.  I dream of, one day, owning land and a self-sustaining farm while planting acres of milkweeds and butterfly weeds to save the Monarchs.  The farm would not only provide organic nourishment to the local community but also education to the next generations.


Cory and Jenny Melick


We created Roses and Azalea so others benefit from truly natural, non-toxic personal care products.

My husband and I both have a background and degree in science.  We understood the benefits of using natural products and the hazards of modern, synthetic chemicals.  However, we struggled to find time to research all the ingredients and determine which brands could be trusted.  We both had high demanding careers that would often require 50+ hour weeks. So to save time, we thought we could simply trust products labeled as natural.  Boy did we learn what "natural" meant in a hurry. Just about anything can be labeled "natural" including asbestos. Through our conversations with other working professionals and busy friends, we learned that we were not alone in our journey, nor were our struggles unique.  

That is why Roses and Azalea was founded - to bring you and your family truly natural and organic (when possible) personal care and health/beauty products. Our products use the fewest ingredients possible and they are selected for their natural benefits for your personal care needs.

Our team at Roses and Azalea strives to provide modern women and their families with knowledge, resources, and products for a healthier lifestyle.  That mission has also grown to include doing what is right by the environment and our local/national communities.  In that vein, we carefully select ingredient sources and use minimal and recyclable packaging whenever possible.

We have also pledged that Roses and Azalea will donate a portion of our sales to local and national organizations whose mission align with providing a healthier/safer life for at risk children and youth and making an impact on our next generations.



Roses and Azalea is not only made up of our internal team.  We are backed by an amazing community of customers, stockists, collaborators, and supporters.

We have an Advisory Board (made up of health, wellness, and beauty professionals as well as disrupters) and many Influencer Program members who help test products in R&D and give us constant feedback.

Thank you to all of our customers and supporters and the entire community who make up our village!



Roses and Azalea




Portraits of Jenny and Cory Melick on this page is captured by Dani Nicole of Dani Nicole Photography.