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Kit - Wellness Bundle
Kit - Wellness Bundle
Kit - Wellness Bundle
Kit - Wellness Bundle
Kit - Wellness Bundle

Kit - Wellness Bundle

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Say that you love and care about someone by sending them this Wellness Bundle.

Our Wellness Kit comes with items that keep you and your loved ones well and safe during this time.  These aren't sample sizes!  And everything is organic, effective, and high-performing with absolutely NO toxins.

Each bundle comes with a pharmaceutical-grade 250 mL hand sanitizer with sprayer, a dry cracked skin balm, and a lip balm. There's a choice to add on either our allergy relief balm or breathe easy balm!

Our hand sanitizer purifies and helps defend against harmful germs with 100% certified organic ingredients, including 95% organic ethanol and immune-boosting essential oils. This formulation is gluten-free, non-toxic, safe, natural and overall contains 72% ethanol content (following CDC guidelines, around the best amount of ethanol backed by science) while packaged in a eco-friendly container, protecting you AND the planet.

Our dry cracked skin balm is the best protector of your skin and hands after all the hand washing and sanitizing. This organic balm provides many nutrients for the skin and helps repair dry or rough skin.  Our balm is not greasy at all and you can use all day long, not just night time! Fan-favorite for men, women, and healthcare professionals!

This whole kit is valued at $55.50+.  This bundle just starts at $45.99 at this time, and ships anywhere in the USA! 

Wishing you nothing but the best during this time, be safe and stay well!

Directions + Ingredients 


  • Hand Sanitizer, click here.
  • Dry Cracked Skin Balm, click here.
  • Peppermint Lip Balm, click here.
  • Allergy Relief Balm, click here.
  • Breathe Easy Balm, read about allergy relief balm here.  Breathe easy balm is an upgraded version which is a much smoother, softer vapor rub that can be applied to the nostrils, chest, and bottom of feet.  It is much stronger (with organic menthol) than the allergy relief balm and has many more uses. If you have any sensitivities to stronger scents or do not like potent essential oil blends, please avoid this! ($18)