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Kit - Pit Revival Bundle
Kit - Pit Revival Bundle
Kit - Pit Revival Bundle

Kit - Pit Revival Bundle

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Having a hard time breaking up with your conventional deodorant?

We totally get it.  Your conventional deodorant is like the clingy ex who keeps coming back into your life.  Here's your chance to dump it once and for all!

There's NO excuses right now. With the shelter in place, you can transition to a healthier, cleaner deodorant without the fear of sticking up the office and getting judged at work.  Just tell your family that it's good for you, and they'll understand!

Our Pit Revival Kit (back by popular demand) comes with everything need for a smoother transition to natural deodorants, allowing you break-up with you old chemical product without the smelly detox that usually follows. 

Each kit comes with the deodorant stick and spray of your choice as well as our best-selling charcoal detox mask (which you can also put on your face, whoa!).

Valued at $49.  This box is just for $39.99 at this time, and ships anywhere in the USA!

Directions + Ingredients

Directions: Use the detox mask and deodorant stick together from Day 1!  Reapply the deodorant spray or carry it around with you as a refresher if needed.

Start with the detox mask which will help pull out residual aluminum and synthetic deodorizers, reset the bacteria composition in your pits, and starts you detoxing Day 1.  Be sure to use the detox mask every day for first 1-2 weeks to breakup with your conventional deodorant and to prevent from terrible body odors during your transition.

Use our natural deodorant sticks like any conventional deodorant sticks (they apply pretty similarly but know they are NOT anti-perspirants.)  Best applied in the morning and will keep you dry and fresh through even the busiest of days.

Our deodorant sprays come to rescue as a re-fresher after the gym, long day gardening, or after a long, muggy summer day.  The sprays are so awesome that you can even use them as body mists however much you want!  They even help with rashes, irritation, and redness you may have from other natural deodorants with baking soda.

It is absolutely typical for this transition to take between 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) for your body chemistry and odor to adjust, but our Pit Revival Kit will allow you to speed up this transition!  If you ever start smelly funky, be sure to use the detox mask again.