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  • Experience Healthy Beauty

  • Minimalistic | Holistic | Fashionable | Without Compromises
  • Just Launched!

  • Our new face line is finally here - everything you have been waiting for.
  • Make that Healthy Transition

  • from conventional deodorant to organic with our Pit Revival Kit
  • Natural Facial Glow

  • infused with 15 nutrient-rich organic botanicals
  • Nourish and Heal Your Body

  • with organic botanicals that make you feel beautiful and spark joy!

Experience Healthy Beauty

Minimalistic | Holistic | Fashionable | Without Compromises

Just Launched!

Our new face line is finally here - everything you have been waiting for. Shop Now

Make that Healthy Transition

from conventional deodorant to organic with our Pit Revival Kit SHOP NOW

Natural Facial Glow

infused with 15 nutrient-rich organic botanicals SHOP NOW

Nourish and Heal Your Body

with organic botanicals that make you feel beautiful and spark joy!

Beauty should be defined by how healthy we are inside and out, so start showing the world the true, radiant you!

Our philosophy is to create safe, non-toxic personal care and beauty products with organic botanicals and natural ingredients that nourish and heal your body - good for you, your entire family, and the planet. 
Minimalistic, holistic, fashionable, without compromises.

After a decade-long health struggle with autoimmune caused hypothyroidism, Jenny Melick turned her entrepreneurial energy and chemistry background to helping those who likewise suffer under the radar.  She strives to impact the beauty industry while supporting others with sensitive skin, allergies, and busy schedules.  With the aid of her husband Cory, a former chemical engineer, she founded Rose and Azalea, a cosmetics company that inspires women to feel beautiful by improving, never sacrificing, their health.  Jenny and Cory combine their science background with their experiences in holistic approaches and lifestyle particularly in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.  The couple has witnessed the healing effects on their health by using these organic products that they create and living a more holistic lifestyle.  

Our products are formulated and made by the husband-wife duo, in Charlotte, North Carolina and are created for the modern woman and her family.  With the busy lifestyle in mind, each product is safe, non-toxic, multi-purpose, high-performing, effective, and multi-functional, allowing smooth, easy transitions from conventional products to organic products as well as shortening the beauty routine.  Our minimalistic approach uses only the highest quality, minimally-processed botanicals and natural ingredients with absolutely no fillers.  Cruelty-free, fragrance-free; non GMO; free of aluminum, parabens, sulfates, and harmful synthetic chemicals.



We have obtained both Leaping Bunny Certified and Pending Certified B Corporation status! We are committed to being a cruelty-free brand and to using our business as a force for good and are on the path to B Corp Certification, which Inc. has called "the highest standard for socially responsible businesses."

Customer Testimonials

I picked up Geranium & Lavender deodorant from you at pop up market yesterday and it’s amazing! I was skeptical that it would work for my postpartum pits, but man, it’s the first natural deodorant that actually worked for me. Super product!

aleksandranc (Instagram review)

I received this face serum ... recently and OMG. This stuff is like the magic elixir of the gods. I’m not so sure that I can ever live without this again! I’ve only been using this for a few days and can already tell a big difference in the way my skin looks and feels. If you’re planning on coming out with a whole line of skin care products. Sign me up - âœ…

Joy T. (Facebook review)

I’m in love with the hand aid balm!! I have it by my bed and use it on my feet and hands before I sleep and I see a big difference with my skin and nails! ... It’s great stuff, I see a difference with my nails color which I know sounds weird but they look so much healthier.

braden_hamilton3 (Instagram review)

I received my charcoal and lemongrass yesterday & used it for the first time today! I absolutely love it!! I have been trying to switch to natural deodorant for years but could never find one I liked. I LOVE this one! Is it bad that I’ve been sniffing my pits all day?! Lemongrass is my fave!!

cocoandjune (Instagram review)

I love the charcoal and lemongrass deodorant. The scent took me a little time to adjust to as it is strong, however, the deodorant does work! 😊 I have sensitive skin and this product does not irritate my underarms at all!! I can’t wait to try the geranium and lavender scent next!! 😍 I am so glad I found this product at the @girltribeco event in ATL!! Thank you @rosesandazalea â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸

lindsay_linss (Instagram review)

Super excited for this awesome company to change people’s lives!!!!  I absolutely love the dry shampoo, it works amazing and smells so good! I remember when I would try to make my own and it never turned out right. This product is top of the line and so easy to apply! I’m very very happy with the results! Thank you, Roses and Azalea.

Racquel S.

I think these are great products and I absolutely love that you are building a safe natural and organic line of beauty/health products. I'm all about it.

Maggie G.

I love love love this (Urgent Rescue Roll-on)!!! I used it for the first time the other day. Thank you so much

la_bonne_vie_salon (Instagram review)

So far I’m incredibly impressed with your deodorant!  (And the other products but the deo especially!) I’ve tried sooooooo many different kinds of natural deodorants but none of them lived up to my clinical strength suave.  With yours I haven’t been sweating!  I’m amazed!  Now I’m praying it doesn’t break me out after a few weeks of use 

devinjaros (Instagram review)

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I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the charcoal deod!!!!! Myself and my 2 daughters use it everyday. Strong enough for tennis pits too!! 🎾💪🏻

jessica.a.cook (Instagram review)

The Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair blew me away. The product smells amazing, and the powder is very fine (finer than other brands' products I have used in the past)... This is one of my favorite products!  I also absolutely love the lip balm. Compared to others, yours is more moisturizing, and its effects are fairly long lasting. Rather than applying every 2 or so hours, I can apply the Peppermint Lip Balm 2 or 3 times a day and have moisturized lips. The lip balm applies well and is not greasy. I really loved this product and would recommend it to my friends.

Sharon C.

@rosesandazalea I absolutely love the face serum, I put it on while my face is still wet and it pushes the moisture into my face it’s Ah-mazing! I also love the Dry shampoo it leaves your hair feeling clean, super conditioning and smells so so good 💁🏼‍♀️

brushdsalon (Instagram review)

I’ve been sooo obsessed with my thyroid blend roller! Obviously because it smells heavenly but also just knowing that it’s supporting my body is such a great feeling!

dianna_aboulhosn (Instagram review)

I ❤️❤️❤️ the face serum ~ especially because I don’t have to worry when my puppy licks my face that he’s not ingesting toxins😄

heather_m_esposito (Instagram review)

I love the peppermint lip balm! I have to reapply way less than any other lip balm I have owned, I love the all natural/organic ingredients, and it makes my lips feel nice and tingly! I need to try to dry shampoo soon!!

rachelleighhealth (Instagram review)

Oh my word!!!! The face serum is AMAZING!!! 

jdiorjalisascripts (Instagram review)

Ah! I’m obsessed with my peppermint lip balm!! It really soothes and hydrates my lips 😍 It’s been my go-to chapstick since I got it!!

twentyfourcreatives (Instagram review)

Im loving your deodorant and the face serum! I swear my skin looks soooo much better already and I’ve only been using it for around 2 weeks!

devinjaros (Instagram review)